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Ask how we can help improve your health with our customized, blood-based reports.

Dr. Frank Gomez, Chiropractic Physician
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Wellness and Science Based Nutritional Program

We help restore your health to before you had symptoms and got the illness using Metabolic Testing, Diet Counselling and Supplementation.

HELP FOR…Diabetes, GERD, High Cholesterol, IBS, Digestive Issues, Leaky Gut, Thyroid Issues, Low-T, Andropause, Weight Loss and more.

Remember, how you feel is no indication of how healthy you are, and most serious conditions show up in the blood long before symptoms occur.

The Best Part About Our Wellness Program Is You Can Live In An Entirely Different Sate And We Still Can Help You!

Call our office today; 631-991-3492 and mention this flyer to set up your appointment.


PUT OUR WELLNESS TEAM To Work as part of A Healthier YOU!!!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Frank Gomez, Chiropractic Physician

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